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Full Birth Chart Package

This is the report for you to truly know yourself – Character traits, strength & weaknesses etc as describe in Numerology page AND the report that every HR personnel will want to get their hands on if you are their colleagues; to get to know you better and know where to fit you into the company to better utilize your strength.


This numerology system is different from others that you may have come across in that it is 90% accurate that is based on statistics research, which means we collect hundreds and thousands of birth-dates and do our research from those collected birth-dates to come to a researched conclusion about a particular number or a set of numbers and the influence it has.



Merkaba Package

This report consists of 3 Charts which are being derived from your date of birth:

  • 1st Chart – Your life Merkaba Chart and decoding of your numbers including Date of birth (1st – 31th) analysis
  • 2nd Chart – MHW – Mind, Heart & Wisdom Chart
  • 3rd Chart Celestial Grid Chart

Newborn Birth Chart Package

ONLY 1 or 2 percentage(%) of the world’s population are millionaires and missionaries.




The remaining 98% are looking for a savior to save them but who?


With this in mind, this is Numbers Mission’s secondary mission package. We will co-engineer newborns with parents-to-be by selecting a millionaire or missionary birth chart based on parents’ decision and provide a full reading of selected birth chart. We will also do this package for parents whose child is due soon and want their child to have THE BEST.


5 Personal Numbers Package

Master Joel’s very own package, which has let many customers strike some side wealth in the lottery. He divided these 5 personal numbers into 3 categories which he coined the P.P.S principle:


1. HONOUR your parents first & every time (1st P stands for Parents)

2. Personal DNA number structure (2nd P stands for Personal)

3. Self-realization (S stands for Spiritual)


All of us have ONE FATHER & ONE MOTHER and what Master Joel did was to calculate the ONE combined number which both parents gave their child from Birth AND the result speaks for itself. Need we say more? Hurry, get this package NOW!


Celestial Grid Package

Originally inside Merkaba Package, we decided to make it into a package by itself because it is the blueprint for you to know which part of any house or room you must sleep in for maximum benefits.

This blueprint will follow you for LIFE, which means you can superimposed it onto the floor plan of any country, house or room to know your favorable sectors, and which sectors to avoid.

Want to know which sector for wealth, side wealth or which sector of the bedroom is good for your child to sleep in? Call now!

*Please bring your house floor plan for the consultation.

Corporate B2B Package

We do corporate B2B as well and in this package, there are some numerology reading that will be EXCLUSIVELY for this package which includes:

  • Interpretation of company registration date (Company has been registered) OR
  • Boss/es compatibility & date selection for company registration (Company has not been registered yet)
  • Company logo & business card (layout) Consultation
  • Boss/es signature consultation
  • Employees birth chart profiling (only Root Number & Strength)
  • Mobile Number selection
  • 1 day short course for company Boss/HR on how to analyse birth charts for recruitment (Root Number 1 – 9, Strength, Systematic Number and more)
  • Maintenance of company’s HR system (Staff birth chart profiling ONLY)



Due to high demands, Master Joel will be conducting Numerology basic + Advance class and Mastery class.