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ONLY 1 or 2 percentage(%) of the world’s population are millionaires and missionaries.




The remaining 98% are looking for a savior to save them but who?


With this in mind, this is Numbers Mission’s secondary mission package. We will co-engineer newborns with parents-to-be by selecting a millionaire or missionary birth chart based on parents’ decision and provide a full reading of selected birth chart. We will also do this package for parents whose child is due soon and want their child to have THE BEST.


Numbers Mission is the ONE & ONLY Website in the world offering this service. We use both Numerology & Merkaba systems to ensure that the chosen Birth Chart is THE BEST.


With an accuracy rate of 90% for statistics researched numerology and ancient Merkaba reading combined, your child will have at least 96% to 99% rate of becoming a millionaire or missionary of the future generation.