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This report consists of 3 Charts which are being derived from your date of birth:

  • 1st Chart – Your life Merkaba Chart and decoding of your numbers including Date of birth (1st – 31th) analysis
  • 2nd Chart – MHW – Mind, Heart & Wisdom Chart
  • 3rd Chart Celestial Grid Chart


MHW Chart:

  • Mind – the way you perceive things and information: through pictures, facts & figures, etc
  • Heart – this number determines how it can support you to achieve your goals
  • Wisdom – this number draws on your past lives’ wisdom to help you achieve your goals


Celestial Grid Chart:

It is your personal longtitude and latitude chart that you are born with and will follow you for life.


  • Which part of the bedroom should you sleep in?
  • Which part of the world should you go if you want to migrate?
  • Which part of your Celestial Grid chart should you avoid (if any)?


All these and more answers can be found in your Celestial Grid chart.