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What is Merkaba?

The word consists of 3 parts:

Mer –  Light
Ka –  Spirit
Ba –  Body

Merkaba is your Light Body, which is a huge 17 meters long energy filed that can be activated by rotating 2 of the 3 star tetrahedron fields in OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS through an ancient Prana breathing technique.

It is this ACTIVATED LIGHTBODY which all past Ascended Masters used to propel themselves to another dimension different from ours.

What is tetrahedron? It is 2 set of 3D triangles combined together, 1 triangle pointing up and the other pointing down. Prana is the abundant unseen life force every which exists everywhere and enters the body through the top of our head. The prana flow runs through the centre of our body looking like a tube.

From this energy flow it will flow through our 7 main centers known as Chakras and from there, branch out to every cell in our body.

It takes at least a decade to learn how to active your LightBody and as such, it is not suitable for everyone due to a variety of reasons.